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Sedation Dentistry Can Help With Dental Anxiety: What You Need to Know

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Most people don’t enjoy going to the dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings, but there are some people who deal with serious anxiety over visiting the dentist. Many of these people put off dental appointments until their oral health reaches emergency status with a toothache or some other issue that requires more complex treatment—perpetuating the fear cycle.

You don’t have to put off the dental care you need because you are anxious about going to the dentist. Sedation dentistry is available for our Van Nuys patients who suffer from dental anxiety.

Types of Sedation

Local Anesthetic

A local anesthetic is the most common type of sedation dentistry that is usually done for ...

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Quelling Dental Anxiety

Alleviate Dental Anxiety in Van Nuys CA

For those of you who suffer from dental anxiety, you can take comfort in the fact that you are certainly not alone. There are plenty of reasons people fear going to the dentist, but it’s important to not let that fear keep them from visiting their dentist regularly. When it comes to quelling dental anxiety, try sedation dentistry in Van Nuys so you can relax and receive the dental care you need.

Sedation Dentistry for Your Comfort

Talk to us about sedation dentistry options that can alleviate anxiety and increase your comfort while you are sitting in the dental chair. We have used sedation dentistry to help hundreds of patients overcome their ...

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Handling Dental Anxiety

Handling Dental Anxiety in Van Nuys CA

How to Handle Dental Anxiety

Going to the dentist can be stressful, but if your dental anxiety is interfering with your ability to visit the dentist for your normal checkups, it may be time to take action! You’re not alone- dental phobias on at least some level are extremely common. Keeping up with your oral health is vital for your overall health, and to ensure that you don’t end up with more complicated dental problems. 

Whether you’re worried about the dentist being rushed, the effectiveness of a numbing agent, pain, or if you’ve had a bad experience, you can certainly overcome these fears. We have some tips on coping with your dental ...

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