General and Preventive Dental Care in Van Nuys, CA

Welcome to our Van Nuys, CA dental practice. We are a team of highly-trained dental professionals who see patients of all ages—from young children to senior citizens. And we look forward to being your family dentist in Van Nuys, CA. 

In our 91405 dental office, we offer quality general dentistry, preventive services, oral surgery, restorations, orthodontics, and celebrity-caliber cosmetic dentistry. We pride ourselves on offering the services that patients and family’s need to maintain healthy and beautiful smiles, but everything starts with general and preventive dentistry—the first step to optimal oral health.  

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We also invite you to continue reading to learn more about general dentistry in Van Nuys, CA.  

Family of dental patients posing at our Van Nuys, CA dentist officeWhat does your general dentist in Van Nuys do?

A general dentist—or general dentistry—provides the services you need to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. If you have a cavity, for example, a tooth-colored filling in Van Nuys is the general dentistry treatment that maintains or fixes that tooth. If you have a root infection, root canal therapy is typically the best option for that tooth.  

General dentistry also considers the function of your teeth, the alignment, or any service that restores oral health. 

Aside from tooth-colored fillings, general dentistry may include: 

  • Orthodontics to bring your smile in line 
  • Periodontal treatments to help save your smile and overall wellness 
  • Restorative dentistry, including dental implants, dentures, crowns, and bridges 

It is our goal to keep your smile healthy as your oral health needs change. For example, our treatments and procedures evolve as children age, or maybe some services are no longer required.  

What is the difference between preventive and general dentistry?

Preventive dentistry is proactive dentistry. It covers everything you do, in partnership with your dentist in Van Nuys, CA, to prevent oral health issues like cavities and periodontal disease.  

The best prevention is a diligent oral care routine at home—brushing and flossing after every meal or at least twice per day.  

Further, it’s important to visit your dental office twice yearly for routine exams and teeth cleanings. When your Van Nuys dentist spots potential issues before they become problems, it goes a long way toward keeping your smile healthy.  

Other preventive dentistry options may include fluoride treatments and fissure sealants to strengthen your teeth and keep harmful debris and bacteria away from your enamel. 

General dentistry, unlike preventive dentistry, represents the treatments you need to restore your oral health when something is amiss. It could mean a filling, root canal, restoration, or even oral surgery. 

What types of preventive and general dentistry services do you offer in 91405?

At the Dental Care Center, we offer the services you need most to prevent oral health problems and to treat those that do arise. 

Preventive dentistry in Van Nuys, CA includes:  

Comprehensive exams—a thorough exam from your dentist to spot any potential or emerging dental problems, including a cancer screening. 

X-rays as needed—x-rays help your Van Nuys dentist find hidden or emerging dental problems before they become more severe and threaten your oral health.  

Professional teeth cleanings—clears away the tartar and bacteria that is left behind following even the most diligent oral care routine at home.  

Dental sealants—sealants protect your teeth from debris and bacteria that causes decay, infections, and periodontal disease.  

Fluoride treatments—these treatments help prevent cavities and strengthen your teeth. 

General dentistry in Van Nuys includes:  

Dental fillings—Fillings close your cavity and restore your tooth’s integrity. 

Root canals—This therapy removes an infected root and stabilize an infected tooth. A root canal in Van Nuys is often completed with dental crown placement. A dental crown goes over a weak tooth to protect it from breakage. Our dental crowns are colored to fit your smile.  

Extractions—There are several reasons you may need an extraction in Van Nuys, CA, including for troublesome wisdom teeth, before orthodontics, or in the event of severe decay or trauma. For the latter, we offer tooth replacement options.  

Periodontal treatment—Periodontal disease is a serious gum and tissue infection that threatens the integrity of your teeth and overall wellness. Your Van Nuys dentist provides the needed therapy to halt the progress of this disease.  

Restorative dentistry—When you have missing teeth, it affects your oral health. You generally end up with bone loss in your jaw and shifting teeth, which interferes with your bite and leads to enamel erosion. Tooth replacement helps combat these issues while improving your self-confidence. In our dental office, we offer dental implants, crowns and bridges, and full and partial dentures.  

Orthodontics—Braces and aligners are part of general dentistry because an aligned bite is a healthy bite! 

Optimal oral health sets the stage for long-term healthy teeth and gums. Additionally, healthy teeth and gums are important if you’re considering cosmetic dentistry in Van Nuys, CA.  

If I brush my teeth daily, do I still need a professional teeth cleaning?

The American Dental Association and your dentist in Van Nuys, CA recommend twice-yearly teeth cleaning under the care of a dental professional. A commercial toothbrush and floss cannot get rid of all the cavity-causing agents that live inside your mouth, but a trained professional can clear away these agents and lower your risks for cavities, root infections, and gum disease.  

Remember, prevention is a partnership between you and your dentist. A good oral care routine at home, coupled with twice-yearly professional teeth cleanings, is the best course for a healthy smile. 

We also recommend asking our hygienist for tips you can use at home to further optimize your oral health.  

Do you offer sedation dentistry in Van Nuys, CA?

Patient smiling at a dental exam in Van Nuys, CAYour dentist in Van Nuys, CA does not want anxiety to keep you from getting the dental therapies you need for a healthy smile. For this reason, we offer sedation dentistry in Van Nuys. Sedation dentistry includes everything from nitrous oxide to oral sedation.  

Your dentist always makes sure the area he’s working in is numb. However, if you suffer from anxiety or general unease, we offer nitrous oxide, too. This is a safe gas that promotes relaxation during your dental procedure. When we remove the mask, the easy feeling leaves with it, and you can drive yourself home.  

If you’re especially anxious, we also offer oral sedation. You take this pill about an hour before your procedure. While you can still follow directions during treatment, you may not remember your procedure afterward. This method calls for a ride to and from our dental office. We also suggest resting for the remainder of the day and not making any financial or life-altering decisions until the next day.  

If you suffer from dental anxiety or are simply nervous, we encourage you to discuss it with your Van Nuys dentist prior to your appointment. We want to make the best accommodations for your comfort. And we welcome your suggestions, too.  

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