Root Canals in Van Nuys, CA

Woman in pain from root canal infection near 91405Few words strike as much fear in the heart of dental patients as “you need a root canal.”

But the fact of the matter is that if you have persistent, throbbing pain or extreme sensitivity to heat or cold in one or more of your teeth, a root canal might be necessary both to restore your oral health and to save your tooth.

The Van Nuys dentists at The Dental Care Center are pleased to provide practically painless root canal therapy. The procedure will clean out the roots of the tooth and eliminate infection inside the tooth.

In the vast majority of cases, the procedure itself is painless. In fact, you will likely find that the pain prior to the root canal treatment is far worse than anything you experience during and after the procedure!

What Are the Symptoms Leading Up to a Root Canal?

Most people become aware that they have an infected tooth when they begin to experience extreme pain from it. If your tooth is decayed, the pulp of the tooth might also be infected. Left untreated, this can cause significant damage to the tooth.

If you are experiencing pain and notice that the tooth in question is chipped or has small cracks or fissures, you might have an infected tooth. It is imperative that you see us immediately for a comprehensive oral examination. Only immediate root canal therapy, also referred to as “endodontics,” will be able to save a tooth when it gets to this stage.

Diagram of a tooth and root from The Dental Care Center in Van Nuys, CAWhat Can I Expect from a Root Canal in 91405?

The root canal procedure is one of the most notorious dental procedures, so most people are surprised to discover that the process is a simple one that not only prevents infection from spreading, but it will generally save the problem tooth. It is essential that if you are suffering from severe and chronic tooth pain, you seek treatment early on. Your dentist will determine whether or not you might be a good candidate for a root canal during your oral evaluation. While all the members of our team can perform a root canal, Dr. Guerrero is an endodontist (a dentist who specializes in caring for the root canal), which means that even complicated cases can be treated right here in our office.

The root canal procedure itself is a virtually painless one that involves removing the infected pulp of the tooth and cleaning out the root and canal areas. The root area is then sealed and filled with special material, and the tooth is capped with a natural-looking crown. If there are no additional complications in your particular situation, root canal therapy can be completed in just one office visit. But the best news about your root canal? After this simple procedure, you will feel much better and your body can start the healing process.

Learn more about painless root canal treatment by scheduling your endodontics appointment with The Dental Care Center today!