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Young couple wearing dental implants near Van Nuys, CAAre you considering dental implants in Van Nuys, CA?

Whether you have lost one tooth or many teeth, the fact of the matter is that missing teeth need to be taken care of before they lead to other problems. What follows one missing tooth that left untreated is a vicious circle that eventually leads to more missing teeth in the future.

Chewing is, of course, more difficult when you have teeth missing, but your self-confidence and desire to smile, speak, and laugh also suffer. The best answer for many people is to replace one or more missing teeth with dental implants.

A dental implant is a replacement tooth that holds a restoration, like a crown or a bridge. It is put into your jaw to take the place of one, many, or all missing tooth roots. Made of titanium, dental implants in Van Nuys, CA are so sturdy that when we attach your restoration tooth, the dental implant looks and feels completely natural. In fact, most patients feel as if they have their natural teeth back.

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Meanwhile, see the frequently asked questions below to learn more about dental implants and tooth replacement.

What are dental implants in Van Nuys, CA?

Dental implants are made up of three components: (1) the post, which takes the place of the root of the tooth, (2) the abutment, which sits atop the post, and (3) the restoration, which is the crown of the implant and takes the place of the tooth.

It generally takes about four to six months after the implants are placed for the posts to fuse to your bone tissue and become strong replacement roots. This prolonged fusion is what makes the implants such a stable base for replacement teeth.

How do I know if dental implants will work for me?

Although dental implants are an excellent option for many, some patients might not be good candidates. Those who smoke and are in poor general health, for example, may not be good candidates. Healthy gums and sufficient jawbone are necessary to support the implant. Fortunately, we have dentists right here in our Van Nuys office that can perform bone grafts!

When you come to The Dental Care Center, we will let you know whether or not you are a good candidate for dental implants in Van Nuys. If you are not, we will go over other tooth replacement options that might be better for you.

It’s also vital that good candidates must be committed to taking excellent care of their implants every day by brushing and flossing. With proper care, dental implants can often last a lifetime.

What are the advantages of dental implants?

There are many advantages to using dental implants. If you are missing all your teeth, you’ll find that dental implants are completely secure; unlike dentures, they won’t move or slip. You’ll be able to eat all of the crunchy foods you desire. Chewing with dental implants is just like chewing with your natural teeth.

Another advantage to dental implants is that they prevent a condition called facial collapse, or osteoporosis of the jaw. When you lose your teeth, your body senses that the jawbone is no longer needed to hold your teeth in place. As a result, your body will resorb the unneeded jawbone. The jawbone will continue to shrink over the years, and your face will develop a sunken-in look, making you appear older. If you are wearing dentures during this time, you’ll find that your dentures will no longer fit properly. When implants are used to replace the roots of the teeth, however, the body will continue to send needed calcium and phosphorus to the jawbone, keeping it from shrinking.

Additionally, smile gaps create a space that encourages the shifting of existing teeth. This shifting can lead to wear, breakage, cavities, and even tooth loss down the road.

A few dental implants can also support an entire bridge or denture, too.

Simply, dental implants are the most natural tooth replacement option available today, and they give you years—even decades—of service.

What if I have full tooth loss?

A few dental implant posts are sturdy enough to support an entire bridge or arch of new teeth. This method is a less expensive option than using one implant per missing tooth.

It is also possible to restore your smile using multiple tooth replacement options, including a dental bridge in conjunction with dental implants.

How do I take care of my dental implants?

Following implant placement—during the healing process—it’s important not to chew with your implant post.

Following restoration tooth placement, you care for them as if you’re caring for natural teeth!

Dental implants are so similar to natural teeth that they even require the same type of care. As with natural teeth, you are encouraged to brush and floss twice daily. It’s also important to visit your dentist twice yearly for dental exams and teeth cleanings—also recommended for natural teeth.

Regular exams help your dentist spot potential issues before they lead to serious and costly dental health problems that can compromise your smile and lead to dental implant failure.

Professional teeth cleanings help prevent gum disease, which can mean future tooth loss and loss of your dental implants.

If you grind and clench your teeth, ask our dentist about a nightguard. This appliance helps keep your teeth from grinding or clenching while you sleep—grinding and clenching lead to breakage, implant wear, and future tooth loss. Treatment from grinding and clenching is crucial even if you do not have dental implants.

If you play sports, it’s also essential to wear the right face gear to protect your smile—both your natural teeth and dental implants.

Finally, never use your dental implants (or your natural teeth) for unintended purposes—opening a bottle or twisting off a cap.

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Additionally, our dentists have studied at some of the top schools in the country—including Tufts and Northwestern—and have published in some of the most prestigious health journals around. They dedicate countless hours to continuing education and are always eager to bring the latest techniques and technologies to our patients.

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