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Dental technology at The Dental Care Center in Van Nuys, CA

Dental technology has made incredible improvements in recent years, and we are thrilled to offer the latest to our patients at The Dental Care Center. We want your experience coming to the dentist to be quicker, easier, and more comfortable. We are now offering the following in cutting-edge technology to make your visit to our office even better.

Digital dental x-ray technology at our Van Nuys, CA dentist office

Digital Radiographs

Say goodbye to slow, uncomfortable traditional x-rays and say hello to digital radiography. Not only is this type of x-ray faster, but it also gives off up to 80 percent less radiation than old-fashioned film x-rays.

In addition, it offers the opportunity for both you and your dentist to see the x-ray images immediately. Enhancement of images is quick and easy, so we can see an incredible amount of detail. This type of x-ray is also very convenient as they are easy to email to other specialists as well as to your insurance company, when necessary.

Technology for CEREC same day dental crowns in Van Nuys, CA

CEREC Same Day Crowns

CEREC technology has been around for nearly three decades, and it just continues to get better. The Dental Care Center is happy to offer this convenient service to patients because it means dental crowns in Van Nuys, CA can now be fitted and placed in just one appointment!

Instead of goopy, unpleasant molds, an optical impression is taken of the tooth needing the crown using a tasteless powder and a digital camera. The CEREC three-dimensional software designs a 3-D model of the restoration needed, which can be adjusted and customized. The in-office milling unit makes a ready-to-be-bonded crown in just about 15 minutes!

Laser dentistry technology at our 91405 dentist office

Laser Dentistry

If the thought of drill-less dentistry is appealing to you, look no further than laser dentistry at The Dental Care Center. This new technology can be used in procedures such as filling replacement, cosmetic dentistry, implant placement, and gum therapies with far less trauma to patients and much more accuracy for dentists.

Light energy and water are used instead of friction, such as with traditional drills. The good news for you is that no friction means no heat and no heat means no pain. You can now have a comfortable dental treatment experience without powerful anesthesia. 

Intraoral Camera

X-rays are invaluable when it comes to providing information that cannot be seen with the naked eye, but they still cannot show you the entire story about what is happening in your mouth. The intraoral camera, however, goes beyond the digital x-ray.

This small piece of equipment is just about the same shape and size as a dental mirror. With its built-in light source, the tiny video camera homes in on just one spot in your mouth—or provides a tour of every nook and cranny. As the images are displayed on a computer monitor, problems such as broken or worn fillings, plaque deposits, barely perceptible cavities, fractures in teeth, and excessive wear are suddenly evident—to you and your dentist. The images will not only help us make a better diagnosis of problems, but you will be able to see the issue yourself and make treatment decisions accordingly.

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