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Are Bacteria to Blame for Your Cavities...or Something Else?

December 26, 2017
Posted By: The Dental Care Center
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If you are an American adult, chances are you have had at least one cavity in your life. This common condition affects most people at some point in their lives, whether they are young children or older adults.

Scientists continue their work in trying to pinpoint the cause of dental caries. Is it sugar? Bad genes? Bacteria? Poor brushing and flossing? A combination of all of those?

If you’ve ever had to get dental fillings when you were visiting your Van Nuys dentist, you might want to know whether bacteria are to blame for your cavities—or if it is something else.

Were You Just Born with Cavity-Prone Teeth?

Researchers in one study took samples from the mouths of 485 pairs of twins ages 5 through 11 over a period of time. After examining the bacteria present in the twins’ mouths, the results were less than conclusive.

The bottom line was that the species of bacteria present in families wasn’t necessarily associated with dental caries. What the study did confirm was that the kids who ate more sugar had more bacteria in their mouths that was associated with the development of cavities.

More research is required since even the most diligent brushers, and flossers can be prone to developing cavities. Until scientists can target specific bacteria that are associated with poor oral health that might keep us out of the dentist chair, it’s best to follow the rules of preventive dentistry: Eat a healthy diet low in sugar, practice good oral home care and see your dentist twice each year for examinations and cleanings.

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