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When Your Child Should Consider Orthodontic Treatment

July 31, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Peter Suh
Children's Orthodontics Van Nuys CA

For some children, it is pretty obvious that orthodontic treatment might be necessary. Second teeth don’t always grow in the way they are supposed to. But in other cases, it might not be as obvious that your child should consider orthodontic treatment. Here are some common issues that might indicate orthodontic s in Van Nuys might be necessary.

Overcrowded or Crooked Teeth

This is perhaps a somewhat more obvious indicator of the need for orthodontics, but some parents might not realize that bringing your child in early to address the issue can prevent things from getting worse as they get older. Conservative treatment options are available, particularly if your child has discomfort or is self-conscious about how he or she looks.

Mouth Breathing

If your child suffers from dry lips, a dry mouth, bad breath, and daytime fatigue, he or she could be a mouth breather. Often mouth breathers are nighttime snorers as well. If left untreated, mouth breathing can lead to gum disease, a narrow upper jaw, and bite issues.

Crooked Jaw

If your child has a jaw that looks crooked or is out of alignment while he or she is eating, a trip to the dentist for an orthodontic consultation is a good idea. Often the problem can be addressed conservatively before it gets worse.

Difficulty Chewing or Speaking

If jaw problems are causing your child to have difficulty chewing or speaking, this could indicate that a visit to the orthodontist is necessary. A narrow upper jaw, for example, can cause problems.

Abnormal Tooth Loss

Most kids start losing teeth around the age of six, and they will stop losing teeth by around age 12. If your child is losing baby teeth much sooner or later than normal, this can be an indicator of a developing orthodontic issue.


Kids usually stop sucking their thumb by the age of four, but if they are still sucking their thumb by the age of six when their permanent teeth start to come in, this can cause issues. Thumb-sucking can make the upper front teeth stick out and can cause crowding in the lower teeth. Take your child in for an orthodontic consultation—especially if the habit continues to be a tough one to break.

Visit the Dental Care Center if your child is exhibiting any of these issues which could signal a need for orthodontics in Van Nuys. Call us today!


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