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Do You Want a Good Dentist for Your Family...Or a Great Dentist?

November 22, 2017
Posted By: The Dental Care Center
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Looking for a new dentist for your family can feel like a crapshoot. Sure, you can Google “Van Nuys top dentist” and come up with a list of names and practices. But when you want to establish a relationship with a dentist for your family that will last for years to come, a simple online search simply won’t do.

Here are some ways to ensure you find that “great” dentist you are looking for. Just keep in mind that you’ll need to do a bit of homework first.

Ask for Recommendations

Many of the people you know already have a great dentist. Ask friends, family, and colleagues who they like. You can also check your local community page on Facebook to get recommendations there. Your doctor and your pharmacist are others you may want to ask.

Find Out Who Is Conveniently Located

You will be more apt to make—and keep—dental appointments if the practice is an easy one to get to. Close to work, home, or school probably makes the most sense for most families.

Check Online Reviews

Once you have a few names of well-located dentists, get online and read the patient reviews. You might also want to check out the practice websites to ensure they offer the types of dental services you seek for your family.

Contact the Practices Directly

Once you have the names narrowed down to a choice few, call their office. Does a friendly voice answer the phone? Are staff helpful? Are they forthcoming with answers to your questions? Do their office hours meet your family’s needs? Do they accept your insurance? What sort of technology do they use to ensure patient comfort?

Add to the list of questions any specifics that might be important to you and your family.

Differentiating a great dentist from a good one in Van Nuys can mean finding a top dentist for your family. Take some time to ask questions and do the legwork. Call the Dental Care Center today!


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