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5 Foods That Help Keep Your Mouth Healthy

September 29, 2017
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Food for Good Oral Health | Van Nuys Dentist

As the saying goes, “you are what you eat.” And this is especially true as it pertains to the health of your mouth. If you eat sweets and drink sugary beverages, you are putting your teeth at a higher risk for decay. If you eat healthy, you can protect not only your overall health but your oral health as well.

Visiting your Van Nuys, CA dentist is important, but so is your diet. Did you know there are actually foods that can improve the health of your mouth? Let’s take a look at the foods you should be eating to stay on top of your oral health.


Although apples are sweet, they also contain water and fiber, both of which can help produce saliva in your mouth. Saliva is useful for rinsing away food particles as well as bacteria.


Carrots are similar to apples in that they can increase saliva production in the mouth. Eating carrots doesn’t take the place of brushing your teeth, but it can help keep your mouth clean until you have a chance to brush.


Celery is another food that helps increase saliva production in the mouth. In addition, it provides vitamins A and C, both of which help boost gum health.


If you are a cheese lover, now you have another reason to enjoy this food: a lowered risk for tooth decay. Cheese raises the pH in the mouth, lowering the risk of tooth decay. The protein and calcium in cheese can also help strengthen tooth enamel.


Yogurt is another food that has protein and calcium, so it’s good for your teeth. Yogurt also contains beneficial bacteria that benefits your gums and helps prevent cavities. Choose the plain variety that doesn’t have added sugar.

Of course, nothing takes the place of regular brushing and flossing, and staying current with dental examinations and cleaning when it comes to your oral health. Call your Van Nuys, CA dentist today if it’s been a while since your last checkup!


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