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The Biggest Mistakes Patients Make after Orthodontic Treatment

April 10, 2018
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Making the decision to straighten your teeth with orthodontics is nothing if not a commitment. It’s a commitment of time. It’s a commitment of money. It is also a commitment of following instructions from your Van Nuys orthodontist to ensure your treatment is a success—and that your teeth stay properly aligned for a lifetime.

Some people get close to their orthodontics goal, only to let up on their commitment at the end. Don’t make one of these mistakes after orthodontic treatment.

Not Following Through with Their Treatment

If you have opted for treatment with Invisalign invisible braces, you might start to go tired of the plastic aligners toward the end of your treatment. It would be a shame not to get the results you have been seeking just because you got lax with wearing your aligners after coming so far. Your treatment success depends on your compliance.

Not Wearing Their Retainer

Everyone who wears braces needs to wear a retainer after treatment. This is the only way to ensure your teeth will not slip back into the undesirable position. There are several different types of retainers available; ask your dentist which one is best for you—and which one you know you will be more apt to wear in the long-term.

Not Keeping Up with Their Oral Health

After investing the money into orthodontics, make sure you keep your teeth and gums healthy so you can enjoy your new smile for a lifetime. It’s easy to slip into bad habits by not flossing every day and by skipping routine dental examinations and cleanings. Protect your orthodontics investment by taking good care of your oral health.

If you have questions about straightening your teeth, talk to your Van Nuys orthodontist Dr. Peter Suh. Call today to make an appointment for a consultation!




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