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How to Prepare for Your wisdom Tooth Extraction

June 21, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Peter Suh
Wisdom Teeth Extraction Van Nuys CA

For most people, wisdom teeth not only do not provide any wisdom, but they often put the other teeth in a person’s mouth at risk. Sometimes they don’t follow grow in, so complications might arise. In addition, some people simply don’t have room for them in their jaw, so there is a risk that existing teeth will become misaligned.

If you are talking to your dentist about having your wisdom teeth extracted, chances are good you are in your late teens or twenties. That is the time when most people have their wisdom teeth taken out. If you are talking to your own dentist about it, you might wonder what you can expect with the procedure. Let’s take a look at how you can prepare for wisdom teeth removal in Van Nuys, CA.

Reasons Wisdom Teeth Are Extracted

Although the thought of tooth extraction can be a scary one, complications that could arise from not removing wisdom teeth when appropriate can be even scarier. Here are some reasons your dentist might recommend wisdom teeth extraction.

  1. Your wisdom teeth are making your other teeth shift because there isn’t room for four more teeth. Another possibility that can arise because there isn’t room is that the wisdom teeth simply don’t erupt all the way because there isn’t enough room.  
  2. If you have any gum pain near your wisdom teeth, you could have an infection. This is a particular risk if your wisdom teeth are impacted, or not fully erupted.
  3. Your wisdom teeth grew in all the way, but they came in oddly, such as sideways. Again, this is going to eventually cause your other teeth to become misaligned.
  4. There is a cyst filled with fluid near the wisdom tooth site, which means the surrounding tooth and bone is at risk for damage.

How to Prepare for the Wisdom Tooth Extraction Procedure

The best way to alleviate your fears of this procedure is to make sure you fully understand what will happen. Talk with your dentist, and find out if he or she will be removing all wisdom teeth at the same time. Ask questions about anesthesia and the expected length of the procedure. Find out what you can expect after the procedure and how you can make your recovery go more smoothly.

If you are facing wisdom teeth removal in Van Nuys, CA, call us at the Dental Care Center!


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