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Types of Oral Surgery

September 29, 2016
Posted By: Dr. Peter Suh
Oral Surgery in Van Nuys CA

Many people have anxiety surrounding the dentist, and if you are facing oral surgery, you might be very nervous about it. At The Dental Care Center, we realize that the prospect of having oral surgery can be scary for people. Because of this, we want to make sure you understand the different types or oral surgery and what might be involved with the procedure. Patients who are educated and know what to expect tend to be less anxious about their upcoming procedure. There is no need to fear oral surgery in Van Nuys!

What Types of Oral Surgery Might Be Necessary

There are situations where oral surgery is the best option, and these include the following:

Wisdom teeth—This is a fairly common situation, and many people have their wisdom teeth extracted. Wisdom teeth are third molars that usually grow in during the late teen or early twenties. Sometimes they come in without trouble, but often there is simply not enough room in the jawbone. When they cannot completely grow in, it means they are “impacted” within the gum. This leads to pain and swelling in the area, and can cause more serious problems in the future.

Tooth loss and bone grafting—Patients who want dental implants but do not have the strong jaw structure needed to support the implants might need a procedure called “bone grafting.” In this surgical procedure, donor bone is placed onto the jawbone, where it heals in place, strengthening the bone. Once healing has taken place, the bone should be sturdy enough for dental implants.

Don’t Fear Oral Surgery

Don’t be afraid of the prospect of oral surgery; it sounds much worse than it is! Keep in mind that we offer several sedation options to make sure procedures are done painlessly.

If you need your wisdom teeth extracted or any other type of oral surgery, call us and we can talk to you about the process and how we can make it as comfortable as possible. Learn more about oral surgery in Van Nuys today!

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