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Does The Dental Care Center offer oral surgery?

In our dental office, we offer oral surgery for a variety of reasons, which can include:woman sitting in dental exam chair with dentist l dentist van nuys ca

  • Wisdom tooth removal
  • Bone grafting
  • Dental implants

Your dentist in Van Nuys, CA can also perform laser surgery to help with gum health issues and so much more. Laser surgery is far less invasive than traditional surgeries, and it also promotes faster recovery times.

How Does Wisdom Teeth Removal Work?

Wisdom tooth removal is image-guided, and we employ the gentlest of hands. First, we numb the area and then remove the problematic tooth. Some people do not have trouble with their wisdom teeth, and they erupt as expected, but too often, they encroach on other teeth, partially erupt, and leave you vulnerable to infection.

Bone grafting is important if you lose a tooth. By grafting bone into the area, we help keep the jawbone viable for a later tooth replacement, including quality dental implants. Bone grafting can also prevent jawbone deterioration, giving you a sunken and prematurely aged appearance along the lower face. Because they rely on tooth root replacement, dental implants can also stimulate your jawbone to keep it viable.

For Oral Surgery in Van Nuys, CA, Reach Out to Us Today

With an experienced dentist on your side, dental surgery is simpler than ever before. And we employ the latest technologies to provide comfort and optimal healing.

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