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How does nitrous oxide work?

Patients of all ages can feel anxious at the dental office. The anxiety ranges from mild discomfort to a more complex dental phobia. Fortunately, your compassionate dentist offers sedation dentistry in Van Nuys, CA, including nitrous oxide to help ease stress during your dental procedure.

In our dental office, we always numb the treatment site, but this may not be enough for those who are feeling anxious. The first level of sedation after local anesthesia is nitrous oxide.

Nitrous oxide is a safe and odorless gas delivered through a small mask worn over the nose. This gas produces feelings of relaxation and detachment. Our anxious patients often do not mind dental treatment when under the influence of nitrous oxide, and this gas is safe for patients of all ages.

When we remove the nasal mask, the effects of the gas wear off quickly. This means you can drive yourself home, go back to work, and enjoy your day without feeling tired and sedated.  

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