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How is a root canal performed?

Have you been told by your Van Nuys, CA dentist that you need a root canal? 

You are not alone; millions of American adults need a root canal every year to save their tooth and mitigate pain. 

The Root Canal Procedure in Van NuysPatient with tooth pain in need of root canal in 91405

After Dr. Peter Suh has determined that root canal therapy is necessary, or during a painful dental emergency, we will start by taking an x-ray and administering a local anesthetic to keep the treatment pain-free. 

Once the tooth is numb, we will gently remove any infected tissue before sterilizing the area. To keep bacteria from reinfecting the tooth, we will seal the area with a dental filling and use a dental crown to cap the tooth if the hole is too big for a filling. 

The process is straightforward, simple, and stress-free. Patients should not feel pain at all; root canals end any tooth pain and allow you to keep your tooth. 

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Root canals in Van Nuys, CA have a bad reputation, but they're not the end of the world. They allow us to keep all your teeth without living in constant pain.

We also ensure that your root canal will be so gentle that it will surprise you. If you are experiencing a dental emergency, contact The Dental Health Center immediately. 

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