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What is a smile makeover at The Dental Care Center?

Do you avoid smiling at people because you are embarrassed bman smiling in dental exam chair l smile makeover van nuysy your smile? Have you changed your diet to accommodate the poor function of your teeth? A smile makeover at The Dental Care Center provides solutions to your dental problems, both functionally and cosmetically, so you can enjoy eating, smiling, laughing, and talking again!

The Smile Makeover Process at The Dental Care Center

A smile makeover in Van Nuys will consist of one or more cosmetic dentistry procedures. The dental procedures needed to improve your smile will depend on your specific dental problems, which one of our dentists will determine with a thorough exam in our dental office. 

We will discuss your goals with you during the exam and before embarking on any treatment plan. We want to know what your ideal smile looks like and how we can help you create it. Once your exam has been completed, and we have decided on a plan for your smile makeover, the transformation will begin. 

At The Dental Care Center, we love helping people create new, beautiful smiles, and we would love to create your new look!

Best Dentist in Van Nuys, CA for Smile Makeovers

People undergo smile makeovers for many reasons. A new smile can boost your self-confidence, make you look younger, and may even make you a more social person. That’s why we enjoy helping our patients develop their new smiles. 

Reach out to our office today to schedule a consultation for a smile makeover. As a cosmetic dentist in Van Nuys, CA, The Dental Care Center provides excellent cosmetic services and top-notch dental care. 

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